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Artwork portfolio 2
Artwork portfolio 1

Images I have made all elements of, including photography.
red house painters sun kil moon malmo 2010

Images I have made using family archive photographs.
led zeppelin chicago75

Images including a photo of the artist (not on the front cover) or an existing logo, otherwise are of my making.
r.e.m. milton keynes 95

Images that use stock elements in the design; the first two the zeppelin, the flower, J F Kennedy & the microphone.
led zeppelin chicago75 led zeppelin houston77 r.e.m. milton keynes 95 berliner

Designs featuring photographs of the artist. The Miles Davis covers also use some stock textures.
peter hammill radio tapes vol 1 peter hammill radio tapes vol2 peter hammill radio tapes vol3 peter hammill radio tapes vol4 peter hammill radio tapes vol 5

miles davis another unity tyokyo 75
miles davisuppsala 71 miles davis fillmore west 70 miles davis oslo 71 miles davis dvd pt4

miles davis berlin 71 mingus buenos aires 77 mingus birdland 61-62

Reworking of, or layouts of existing images, and photomontage of existing photographs.
jamie lochhead folio

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