recommendations, grading, recording, etc.

appears next to many listings on this site. this is simply a personal recommendation, based on a combination of performance and sound quality. I do not recommend any poor recordings, no matter how amazing the performance may be. it is simply personal taste.

the below abbreviations give the source i know for the shows listed on this site.

o- recording made from broadcast direct to cd. this should be the best possible source of this recording with the exception of master tapes and material produced for commercial release. does include some digital broadcast sources.
ov - original recording made from broadcast to hi-fi vhs and then transferred to cd.
ocs - original recording made from broadcast to cassette and then transferred to cd.
t - bootleg cd.
bt - bit torrent download.
tm - from various cds, mixed together to give the best sound for each track.
b - silver cd bootleg, or official release which is now deleted.
bv - vinyl bootleg, or official vinyl which is now deleted.
mp3 - mp3 download, streaming audio, or file that has been mp3/lossy at some time.

i recommend soundforge to tidy recordings, remove glitches, remove djs taking over the music whenever possible etc.