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tree distribution contacts

i am still happy to add new names to the tree.

if anyone wishes to be included or has any problems with tree assignments, please contact me at

your suppler is the name in the column to the left or above to the left, hope that makes sense.

only name, e-mail address and country of residence are listed here to maintain privacy for all concerned.
please contact your supplier, or branch by e-mail to find out full details.

country   level 1   level 2   level 3   level 4
u.s.a. & canada
  geoff archer
  adam stanley
  industri studios (canada)

hank hahn (leaf)

        michael j. melli
  brent jones
            jason foote
    rich maggio
  vicki mccauley (leaf)

  neal edmunds (wookie)
  george harris
            matthew wells (leaf)
        steve holley
  paul lloyd - uk (leaf)
            chris hopkins
  nigel (goatsucker)

  matt christie
  gye bennetts
        isabella 'izzy' von lichtan

thank you to everyone helping out with this distribution.

how a tree works.
disks are sent out to each person in level 1, by whoever is organizing the tree.
each of the people assigned in level 1 then makes copies for those in level 2 and posts the disks to them. this is a branch. level 2 does the same for level 3 and so on.
if someone cannot make copies they are called a leaf, they are sent disks by their supplier, but are not expected to make copies for others. this helps some people start a collection, or they might simply be too busy with work, family, etc. to participate as a branch. shown in darker grey.

it is up to those participating to decide if they want either blank disks sending to them from the level below, or if they want to trade ie. have other shows sent in return for their copying of the tree disks. some may be happy to just send the disks for free. it is up to those in each branch to sort this out for themselves - i don't want to impose any rules.

i have tried to keep this tree to two assignments per individual, and to limit international posting as much as possible.