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radiohead are currently not signed to a record label. they are now issuing new recordings through their own website, and not through a record company. this will gives them greater artistc freedom, allows them full control over the music, and of course gives them full profits from their work.

please check their website, and links for more information, and support them by buying these releases.

http://www.radiohead.com/ - official radiohead website
http://www.ateaseweb.com - unofficial website, recommended by radiohead.com

http://www.saunalahti.fi/hoge/- 2002 radiohead website - with lots of downloads, artworks etc. may now be offline.

rare recordings and limited editions


astoria london - pre fm
27 may 1994
1cd - grade 10

1cd - grade ?

pink pop festival
27 may 1996
1cd - grade 9

4 july 2000
2cd - grade 9½


2 october 2000
2cd - grade 8½ (lossy)

kid live in paris
28 april 2001
1cd - grade 9½

*later 2001 - 1997
bbc studios, london
1 cd - grade 9½


earls court london
26 november 2003
2cd- grade ?

* have full resolution artworks linked.