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cd artworks
please note that this page is a cover art resource for those who collect rare recordings,
where I share cover artworks i have made for specific shows.

it is not a portfolio page.

these artworks are created in the same way I would use a sketchbook, they are to try
out ideas and to keep my hand in with design. they are done purely for my enjoyment.

i am always happy to hear feedback from people, please use the contact link above to send me an email if you wish.
thank you to those who have contacted me about artworks in the past.

desktop backgrounds


cd & dvd full resolution artworks
I have made many more artworks for rare recordings, but below are linked those which are on this website at full resolution.
most have
front and back inserts, many inner tray and disk labels too.


nine inch nails london 2009
nine inch nails
o2 arena london
15 july 2009

pearl jam san jose 95
pearl jam
san jose
4 november 1995

pink floyd
pink floyd
30 september 1971

glastonbury festival
26 june 1994

amnesty international
bercy, paris 1998

28 june 2003

demos vol1

mark kozelek (rhp)
doug firs, portland
12 january 2006

steely dan record plant 74
steely dan
record plant, la.
20 march 1974

tangerine dream
toronto,leaves 57
8 april 1977

berlin, germany
4 february 1993

denver, co. usa
21 july 2002
2cd - grade 8½

latest additions
will be added alphabetically shortly .


other artworks
click for large images.

these are a series of fake film posters I made as presents for the principal actors
on series 5 of 'my parents are aliens' based on the games of 'actor names,
and also in one case 'porn names'. these are reworked from famous film posters
with the actor's faces added.

your actor name is your middle name plus the name of the first street you lived in.
your porn name is your the name of your first pet, plus your mother's maiden name.


here are three artworks made for a band i used to play with, a concert poster
and two images/desktop backgrounds made for the guitarist and singer.


300x300 mini pics on a few covers

link to huge bootleg covers resource

unless stated on the specific artwork page, I retain the copyright to these artworks.
I will not tolerate their use for profit, especially on ebay, and I have had several items
removed from there for trying to sell using my artworks.