underworld - roskilde festival, denmark. - 30 june 1996

underworld played two sets at the roskilde festival in 1996,
a 'rock set' on the green stage at 3am in the early moring of 29 june (friday night of 28 june),
and the deeday stage starting at midnight into the early hours of 30 june (saturday night of 29 june),
this is the deday stage set from the 30th june.
see: http://www.roskilde-festival.dk/object.php?obj=69c000c&code=1

i retain the copyright to this design, i will not tolerate use for financial gain.
i have had several items removed from ebay in the past when individuals attempted sell using my artworks,
please be warned.

please use for free and pass on for free.

front insert

back insert.

back insert inner.

cd label 1.

cd label 2.

frequency analysis - both for the left channel during 'pearls girl'.
the flac looks non-lossy, the 18,000 hz spike is there from the fm carrrier signal
the mp3 pretty much has everything wiped above 15, 000 hz