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redshift, r.m.i, free system projekt
contemporary bands continuing the sequencer based analogue electronic music of bands like tangerine dream.
there are many other bands and individuals exploring this area of music,
more info and samples can be found at the links below.

on-line shops stocking these artists:
http://www.synthmusicdirect.com/ - electronic music website, shop, concerts, info links
http://www.musiczeit.com/ - online partner shop to the above, with flac/mp3 downloads, many deleted albums available.
http://www.groove.nl/ - online shop specialising in electronic music.
http://www.ianboddy.com/ - ian boddy official website, includes shop for cds.

live events:
http://www.hampshirejam.co.uk - hampshire jam festival official website, with links to many bands
http://www.awakenings-em.co.uk/ - live electronic music website in the north/midlands of england.
http://www.ambientlive.com/awakenings/index.htm - old website for the above.

http://www.redshift.biz/ - redshift official website
all official albums can now be found at either their website, or can be downloaded at musiczeit.

rare and deleted recordings.
the jodrell bank and alpha centauri festival recordings are available in better quality on the official releases.

jodrell bank
7 december 1996
2cd - grade 8 (aud)

redshift wild
1995-6 limited edition
1 cd - grade 10

alpha centauri festival
10 april 1999
1cd - grade 8 (aud)

radio massacre international (r.m.i.)

http://www.radiomassacreinternational.com/ - radio massacre international (r.m.i.) official website
rare recordings.

stars end philadelphia
17 november 2002
2cd - grade 9

free system projekt
- official website for the band free system project