ultra rare trax vol 2
audio quality 10
1 johnny & mary    
2 taste in men (adrian sherwood go do dub mix)    
3 theme from funky reverend    
4 taste in men (alpine kamikaze mix)    
5 holocaust    
6 slave to the wage (les rhythm digitales mix)    
7 leni    
8 bubblegum    
9 without you i'm nothing (with david bowie)    
10 without you i'm nothing (unkle remix with david bowie)    
11 dub psychosis    
12 passive aggressive (brother in rhythm mix)    
13 special k (timo mass remix)    
14 little mo    
15 slave to the wage (i can't believe it's a remix)    
16 special k (timo mass dub mix)    
original cover.