cover art

the milk factory, birmingham, uk, 5 june 1993
audio grade - 10
1 planet of the shapes
2 lush 3-1
3 lush 3-2
4 lush (euro tunnel mix)
5 impact (the earth is burning)(part1)
6 impact (the earth is burning)(part2)
7 remind
8 chime
9 walk now ...
10 monday
11 unknown orchestra
12 the naked and the dead
13 the naked and the dub
14 halcyon

soundboard recording from donated cd.
has been upgraded to remove copy errors from the original omt version.

the original version of this was sold by the venue, probably on cd judging by the quality.
this was not an official orbital or loopz release.

cover design jamie lochhead copyright 2003