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organic festival, san bernardino, ca. 1996
22 june 1996
audio quality 8-9

1 space march - intro
2 out there somewhere
3 choice
4 lush
5 the girl with the sun in her head
6 the box (part 2)
7 the box (part 1)
8 p.e.t.r.o.l.
9 satan
10 halcyon
11 impact (the earth is burning)

85 minutes of continuous audio for those with overburn facilities.
to burn to to disks please make the break after 'satan'. you can add a one second fade to the end of 'satan'
and also to the start of 'halcyon'. the break is just in the amp hum, so this is not absolutely necessary.

as with the amsterdam omt027, the stings are extremely infantile and an insult to the music and audience.
fortunately the boston show from a couple of weeks later was broadcast and covers all the missing sections,
except the first few seconds on 'choice', which is taken from the seattle webcast from the same week, and the final few minutes 'of out there somewhere' which are taken from the leeds 1996 performance.

amazing versions of 'halcyon' and 'impact', also 'the box' parts 2 & 1.
one of the best omt performances and recordings, but has had to have a lot of work done to patch the missing sections.

fm broadcast from the soundboard without audience noise, except the little from the stage mike when open.

01 space march - organic
02 out there somewhere (11.55) organic, cross fade to (6.12) leeds 1996
03 choice (0.15) Seattle 1996 - cross fade to (5.01)organic
04 lush (5.06) organic cross fade to boston axis (2.20)
05 tgwtsihh (3.40) boston axis cross fade to (3.20) organic
06 the box part 2 - organic
07 the box part 1 - organic
08 p.e.t.r..o.l. organic cross fade (as drums end) (0.48) boston axis
09 satan (2.46) boston axis cross fade (3.36) organic, fade was done at this point to fit a transition in the music.
10 halcyon - organic at 8.05 a sting was removed with a loop patched from the following bars
11. impact - organic

organic fm > ? > cdr > eac (secure, verified)
boston fm > ? (cassette probably) > ? > flac (as bit torrent)
seattle webcast (dual isdn) > dat > cdr > eac (secure, verified)
leeds fm > hifi vhs audio > ? > flac

edit in soundforge (eq, pitch matching, etc.)

cover design jamie lochhead copyright 2006. notes taken from a torrent info file.