cover art

unknown 1999
unknown date and venue

audio quality 9½

1 way out
2 spare parts express
3 impact (parts 2&1)
4 know where to run
5 i don't know you people
6 the box
7 nothing left (parts 1&2) (fades just before the end)

this is an excellent recording of a great performance, but has had to have a lot of work done to repair some sections.

we really can not work out what show this is. differences in the transition from 'impact' into 'know where to run' make it clear that
it is not one of the amsterdam shows. it is not the roskilde or peel seesion live performances as the end of 'know where to run is different'

'i don't know you people' has some new samples which we think were only played in the later part of the tour, but nothing left (part1) is played, which was dropped from the festival performnces.

if anyone can identify the show, we would be most grateful.

cdr donated by matt
probably: fm (or digital) stereo broadcast > cdr (generations?)
then: eac secure mode > edited and tracked in soundforge > flac (level 8, verified, sector boundary aligned)

at some point in the past this recording had been badly copied from a cd with jumps. this affected the last few seconds of music on 'know where to run' , the audience noise and the first 30 seconds of 'i don't know you people', leaving only about two thirds of the information. there were several further jumps during 'i don't know you people' and one in nothing left.

the first 30 seconds of is a complete reconstruct from what elements i could find, you will notice that some of the samples are a little clipped, but the i feel that the tracks holds together as it is now is.

the audience noise is also shortened and a constructed from what i could retrieve from the audio.

the other jumps were fairly easily patched from the surrounding bars.

cover design jamie lochhead copyright 2006,.