cover art

turin, italy 1995
19 june 1995

audio quality 8-9

disc 1
1 forver
2 sad but true/sad but new
3 kein trink wasser
4 impact
5 remind
6 times fly
7 are we here?
8 p.e.t.r.o.l.

disc 2

1 halcyon
2 belfast
3 chime

86 minutes.
continuous for those with overburn facilites, although there is a fade out and in between tracks 09.petrol and 10.halcyon. to put on two cds, please use this as the break.

cdr donated by matt
fm stereo broadcast by planet rock > cassette > soundcard > cdr (generations?) > eac secure mode.

additional patch for the first 30seconds (approx.) from a 192kbps mp3 of forever from
the bbc radio1 session 1994.
tracked, edited in soundforge.
flac level 8, sector boundary aligned & verified.


repairs done to the audio:

all times refer to the master which is all the tracks joined, before being broken down to tracks.

to give as complete a start possible, and also to remove about 10 seconds of a dj talking over the music:
first 30 seconds from bbc session 1994, 192kbps mp3 source - cross fade to Italy recording.

sad but true/sad but new - ok

kein trink wasser:
a burst of clicks interpolated out (30 approx, each less than 0.001 sec in length)

dj removed - patch from two bars later.
computer noises removed, probably recorded from cassette to the sound card, but without computer warnings muted.
23.15 - patch from previous bar
23.40 - patch from previous bar
24.24 - patch from previous bar
30.12 - fade out and in repaired, fortunately the the fades had overlap of a couple of seconds, so nothing is missing.
30.30 - sting, repaired with patch from pervious bar (jump in phasing lead synth can't be helped)
36.22 - 1 second dropout/jump repaired, partly with patch from previous bar

times fly
14 second section of djs talking over the drums opeing repaired with various patches from the surrounding bars.

dj removed from between tracks, space shortened, and

are we here?
first 3 seconds patched from the original sample, degraded to match the audio of the turin recording - 'are we here? or are we something ..' was used, as the DJ was still talking over that.
30 click burst removed in the echo of the sample, and on first beats of the track.
42 seconds from the end of track. the track existed as two tracks with a fade out and in. these have been joined, but the tape player was running slow on the end section, so there is a slight pitch slur.

the end has been recreated from a loop and adding a little from the start. the djs babbled for about a minute over the end of peterol and start of halcyon.

start faded in as soon as the djs shut up. virutally no vocals were lost, but it had an extended start with just the organ sound which was lost.

start matched and cut to the previous track before the fade started.
minor click burst interpolated out just in the first chord
three tiny droputs repaired during the track
1.17.05 on master. weird noise (computer sound effect) - patched from previous bar.

talking from open mic. gap between tracks removed, dj talking here again.

the very start is missing where the dj was taking. 8 seconds missing.

left channel boosted accross the whole recording.


cover design and photography jamie lochhead copyright 2006,.