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soundcity leeds 1996
12 april 1996

audio quality 10

1 out there somewhere (part1)
2 out there somewhere (part2)
3 the girl with the sun in her head
4 dwr budr
5 the box (part1)
6 the box (part2)
7 the box (part3)
8 p.e.t.r.o.l.
9 impact
10 remind


87 minutes 19 seconds, continuous audio for those with overburn facilities.
to burn to two cds, please add a 2 second fade at the end of 08.Petrol,
and use d2fadeIn as the start ofthe second disk.

both an amazing performance and a superb recording.
'the girl with the sun in her head' is a lot looser than performances after the album was released.
ovely to have such a great recording of 'dwr budr', one of orbital's most underrated tracks.

the real highlight of this show is 'the box', 24 minutes worth. the box parts 1 and 2 were performed
throughout the 1996 tour, but this is the only performance I have ever heard of part 3.

'the box' parts 2 and 3 were only available on the single release.
part 1 is track4 from Insides, or the single version.

if there was an encore, then that is not included on this recording, but what you have here
is a one off performance promoting the soon to be released 'Insides' album.


almost entirely taken from the bit torrent from a huge thank you to arvidj.
info from themixingbowl posting
broadcaster: nrk (norwegian national radio)
programme: roxrevyen konsert

fm > metal cassette (possibly even a reel to reel, or dat)? > ? > flac

additional material from a cd donated by matt.
bbc radio1 fmbroadcast > metal cassette > cdr > generations ? (1 or two at most I am pretty sure)
> eac secure mode (tracks 1-7 only)

two further torrents from the norwegian broadcast were available, but not used. many thanks to rolf k,

1 second at the very start added from the radio1 broadcast.
'out there somewhere' pt.1- 7.08 patch from radio1 broadcast to cover an odd drop in volume,
and short jump.
there are several click, or tiny tape damage removals throughout the recording.
the sudden drop in the crowd noise at the end has been repaired and levels slightly boosted.

all tracks
tracked, edited in soundforge.
flac level 8, sector boundary aligned & verified.

cover design jamie lochhead copyright 2006,.