cover art

glastonbury '95
24 june 1995

audio quality 5-9

disc 1
1 forever
2 sad but true/sad but new
3 kein trink wasser
4 impact
5 remind
6 times fly
7 are we here?
8 p.e.t.r.o.l.

disc 2
1 halcyon
2 belfast
3 chime

disc 1
hellos from bbc promo disk - cross fade to:
track 1 - vox magasine promotional tape
track 1-2 transition - audience recording (there may be a few beats of track2 missing at the start,
the audience recording is hard to follow at this point, this was the best match I could manage)
there is also a little audience noise added from the bbc promo, because the start of
the track has had audience noise added on the bbc broadcast
track 2 - bbc disk - cross fade to:
track 3 - 'dan's tape' bbc second broadcast - cross fade to:
tracks 4-5 - bbc 6music rebroadcast - (in audience noise) cross fade to:
track 6 - 'dan's tape' bbc second broadcast - cross fade to:
track 7 (first 3.30 mins)- 'dan's tape' bbc second broadcast - cross fade to:
track 7 (end sections) - audience recording
track 8 - audience recording

disc 2
track 1 - bbc 6music rebroadcast, final couple of seconds edited as a cut from bbc disk
tracks 2-3 - bbc disk

note: the bbc 6music 160kbps digital satellite broadcast is used in preference
to the bbc promotional disk as it sounds a little clearer, even though it is
from a digitally compressed source. I really didn't want to use this as in principle
I would like to use uncompressed sources, but it is simply clearer.
It seems to me that the bbc disk may have been copied via an analogue means, or is
from a bbc tape/cassette.

bbc 6music sources - sky digibox (160kbps) > digital optical interconnect > pioneer pdr509 cdr >
cdr > eac (secure mode)

'dan's tape' - fm > cassette > cdr (generations ?) > eac (secure mode)

audience recording - cassette (?) > cdr (generations ?) > eac (secure mode)

vox magasine promotional tape - soundboard recording issued on cassette > cdr (generations ?) >
eac (secure mode)

cover design jamie lochhead copyright 2006