mercury rev
festivals 1999 - 2002
80 min's - audio quality 9

1 the funny bird    
2 young man's stride    
3 tonite it shows    
4 delta sun bottleneck stomp    
5 goddess on a highway    
6 opus 40 ... once in a lifetime    
7 holes    
8 you're my queen    
9 goddess on a highway    
10 the dark is rising    
11 holes    
12 goddess on a highway    
13 the dark is rising    
14 night and fog    
15 spiders and flies    
16 tides of the moon    
17 lincoln's eyes    
1-6 live at bizarre festival 1999, digital satellite broadcast by wdr, direct to cd via direct digital interconnect  
7-10 live at the reading festival 2001, digital satellite broadcast by bbc radio1, direct to cd via analogue interconnect  
11-13 live at glastonbury festival 2002, digital satellite broadcast by bbc2 and bbc choice, direct to cd via analogue interconnect  
14 live on later with jools holland, digital satellite broadcast by bbc2, direct to cd via analogue interconnect  
15-17 live at mtv studios, digital satellite broadcast, direct to cd via analogue interconnect. these last 3 tracks have been
reconstructed from broadcasts inter cut with interview sections.
cover design jamie lochhead copyright 2001