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Showreel Breakdown.

Lost in Space.
Space ship explosion, 2 shots.
All 2D composite of green screen, pyrotechnics and 3D elements.
3D by Evan Davies & Caroline Garrett.
Visual effects supervisor - Angus Bickerton.

Visual Effects Supervision.
4 exterior spaceship shots.
1 blinding shot/eyes close-up.
Compositor blinding shot and exterior shots 2 & 3.
3D by Viridian FX.

Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie.
3 shots.
Visual Effects Supervision, Composite. Day for Night.

New Town Killers.
Visual Effects Supervision
Shot 1.Composite and morph to join two stunts and background elements.

Shot 2.Patch, track, warp and wire removal.

Bula Quo!
Visual Effects Supervision,
Matte painting of stadium,composite and tracking.

York 1957.
Direction, Visual Effects, Matte Painting.
Masters Degree project, courtesy of the University of York.

Visual Effects Supervision.
Harness removal, clean plate, track and roto.

Dark Encounter.
Visual Effects Supervision

Pacte de Loups.
Shot 1. Beast through floor.
Repair of composite, hand painting of problem elements.
Original composite and 3D by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.
Shot 2. Bloody Arm.
Composite of 2D and 3D elements, hand painted bloody arm and warp.
Visual effects supervisor - Val Wardlaw.

2D Post Production Supervisor.
Composite using post apocalyptical city elements by Viridian FX.

Armstrong and Miller.
Visual Effects Supervisor.
Composite of 2D & 3D elements.
3D (Houdini) by Stuart Gordon

Caught in the Act.
Visual Effects Supervisor.
Removal of mic pack and underwear, patch, composite and track.

My Spy Family.
Visual Effects Supervisor.
Patch and warp of face mask.

History of Explosions.
Co Visual Effects Supervisor (with Nic Hatch)
Composite of 3D and live action elements.
3D by Nic Hatch.

The Borrowers.
2 shots.
All 2D composite of blue screen and back plates.
Visual effects supervisor - Peter Chiang.

Visual Effects Supervisor for location motion control shoot.

In Extremis.
2 shots.
2D Supervisor, compositor.

Visual effects supervision
Matte painting/set extension, composite and tracking.

My Parents are Aliens.
Visual effects supervision, 2nd unit shoot direction including character direction,
2D composite, roto, tracking, 3D supervision.
Sneeze morph and held head.
Composite, morph, tracking.
Flying bat.
3D by Oli Schaffer-Davies.
Mermaid in tank.
2D elements, character green screens, set plate, water, caustics and bubble plates, etc.
3D by Christian Christian, Stunt/harness supervision Stuart StPaul.

That Good Night.
2 shots.
Visual Effects Supervision (post production)
Fly paint out.
Set extension, post camera movement.

Wall repair.
Matte painting, composite and roto.
Visual effects supervision - Alan Marques.
2 lightning shots.
Visual effects supervision, lightning paint in 2D, eye glow and tracking.
Demon explosion.                  
2D composite and CGI supervision.
3D by NSA ltd.
Visual effects supervision - Alan Marques.

2 shots.
2D Post Production Supervisor.
Man eaten by nanobots - composite, filing of burning wire wool elements as matte source, etc.
Composite/matte painting using 3D elements by Viridian FX.

The Borrowers
Running behind wall.
All 2D composite of blue screen and back plates, hand tracking and roto.
Visual effects supervisor - Peter Chiang.

Solis (trailer version ship falls towards sun)
Visual Effects Supervision.
Compositor model and 2D elements.