aphex twin  
we don't give a shit ...
...because you don't give a fuck
two very limited edition ep's  
audio quality 10  
1. winduckyquacker
2. naval buv balm 3.la
3. bouncing brinnington meat+hag0balls
4. laughing all the way to his tank
5. hentolyn goose-fat/rub^scratch
6. hoegaarden slop itch
7. if i were a rickyham
8. come^to*big daddy vs giant haystack--tag teamv?.21v
9. vassib de ferret sence
10. boots 'n' skirt stockport-beef/style
11. segeadonion stuffin ggg/g
12. mone/y talks^dirty cash/afx=we/rp-sbekt
original cover