cover art

paradiso amsterdam 1994
10 december 1994
audio quality 7-8

1 forever
2 sad but true
3 kein trink wasser
4 impact (the earth is burning)
5 remind
6 walk now
7 crash and carry
8 are we here?

incomplete performance, attached was usually played at the end of the 1994 set,
and the encores are unknown (chime?).

broadcast by cyber radio (amsterdam presumably).
this is not a webcast, despite the station name.
unfortunately there is fm hiss and tuning artifacts to prove its fm source.
the spectrum analysis also backs this up.

quite a lot has been done to this recording.
the start of forever was removed as some idiot had half mixed it with impact.
this continues occasionally through the first few tracks to a lesser degree,
and could not be completely removed.
the transition from forever into sad but true is patched from bristol 1995 to cover more radio stings.
a sting was removed from the middle of kien trink wasser, a loop and cross fade was used to
cover the section.
impact has a section again patched from bristol 1995 to cover a radio sting. tuning is poor
in some parts of this track, and levels have had to be boosted.
the end of are we here? is faded before more station stings.

the recording was running fast, so has been pitch shifted to match the bristol recording.
the bass was eq'd up a little. the stereo channels were matched for volume.

the station stings were extremely infantile. it is sad that a radio station has so little respect for its listeners as to treat them in such an imbecilic way. i think we should be thankful that this was broadcast at all, but lack of respect for the music and audience is hard to forgive.

the mp3 source available for the second half of crash and carry was not used, and although there is no hiss, it is 96kbps, and the definition, particularly on the bass drum is noticeably lower compared this recording.


cover design jamie lochhead copyright 2006. notes taken from a torrent info file.