cover art

arkiva festival sweden 2002
17 july 2002

audio quality 7-8

1 remind (start)/dj intro
2 remind
3 the girl with the sun in her head (end cut)
4 belfast (start cut)
5 technologiski park
6 the box
7 satan
8 halcyon
9 frenetic

a good recording, but with noticeable fm hiss/noise in the quiet sections.
has the best complete recording of the excellent technologiski park (from the xxx
movie soundtrack),
which was only performed on the brief 2002 tour.

there is a jump cut from the end of 'the girl with ...' into 'belfast', not sure of this was done by the radio station, or represents someone doing their best with an ad break. I have left this as it was on the source disk, as it works well.

all tracks
fm mono broadcast, either slightly poor reception or tuning drifting slightly >
probably originally recorded to cassette > donated cdr >
extracted with eac (secure mode)
tracking and minor edits in soundforge,
dj removed (except at start or end, where he overlaps with the music too much)
flac level 8, sector boundary aligned & verified.


cover design and photography jamie lochhead copyright 2006,.