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glastonbury '04
27 june 2005

audio quality 7-9

1 remind
2 the girl with the sun in her head
3 belfast
4 you lot
5 the box
6 satan
7 halcyon
8 one perfect sunrise
9 impact
10 dr who
11 chime

orbital's final ever concert performance at either glastonbury or in england. Six more concert performances happened after this in spain, turkey, ireland, scotland, and japan, then there was the final performance to a studio audience at bbc maida vale, for the john peel session (omt002)

86 minutes.
for those who can overburn cds, this is continuous audio.
for those who wish to burn to 2 cds, the track break at the start of 9.impact has crowd noise on which a 3 second fade in can be added without losing any spoken words or music. similarly the end of perfect Sunrise has crowd noise where a 3 secind fade out can be added.

there has been a litle editing of long sections of crowd noise, both on the radio broacast source, and also by me in the webcast sections, particularly as there is some noticeable digital artifacting in the crowd noise.

all from digital broadcasts.
tracks 1, 2(start) - bbc tv broadcast
tracks 2(end), 3 - webcast
track 4 - bbc radio broadcast
track 5 - webcast
tracks 6,7 bbc radio broadcast
track 8(start) - webcast
track 8(end) - bbc tvbroadcast
Track 9 - webcast
tracks 10, 11 - bbcradio broadcast
track 11 (very end) - (probably) bbc tv broadcast

webcast > mp3 (214kbps) > acoustica mp3towav converter > wav
bbc tvand radio broadcasts - sky digibox > cdr

all tracks
extracted with eac (secure mode)
tracked, edited in soundforge.
flac level 8, sector boundary aligned & verified.

cover design jamie lochhead copyright 2006