cover art

glastonbury '99
26 june 1999

audio quality 9½

1 impact (part i)
2 the box
3 nothing left (part ii)
4 style
5 satan
6 dr ?
7 chime

incomplete performance
track 1- from digital satellite broadcast by bbc3 television (i think), recorded direct to cd
tracks 2-7 from bbc pre-fm recording dubbed to direct to cd

orbital headlined the jazz-world stage on the saturday, second day of the festival

the full set was:
way out, spare parts express, impact (part ii), impact (part i), know where to run, halcyon,
i don't know you people, the box, nothing left (part ii), style, satan, dr ?, chime

an fromhair and nothing left (part i) were dropped from the usual 1999 set to fit the festival time slot

the bangs you can hear during 'the box' are from fireworks i believe from the main stage at the end of the days headline act

cover design jamie lochhead copyright 2006