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This version is in a light style, UK 'House of Cards' like, but depending on how the director wants to take it, it could be done very differently.

A door opens into a massive darkend room*. In the centre is a single desk illuminated by a spot light. The only other thing visible in the room is a functionl office clock on the wall, with a spot light above. The desk has on it a large computer screen, a lamp on it, and an air traffic style headset/microphone. This is the only object visible in an otherwise darkend room.

The Controller
Speaking clearly and slowly.

'In this world data is power,
and whomever has the most data, has the most power.
And that, of course is us.
But we don't have all the data, nor all the power for that matter,
and of course some of our friends have some data we don't have,
and even some data about our own dear selves. Tut tut.'

Cut shots of the Central Intelligence Catalyst Centre, a modern bulding with Satellite dishes, sentry points, and armed guards, searchlights.

The Controller takes off their hat, and flicks it onto a table next to the computer.

The Controller
'Well as they are friends, it would it would only seem
polite to pay them a little visit, wouldn't it?'

Cut to 3 or 4 commandos, dressed in black, balclavas overing their face. Pistols in hand, moving in cover towards the Catalyst Centre, geturing silently in commando hand signals.

The Controller
'Perhaps leave them a little present too.'

The commando's sqat down, one takes a balck box with wires of a pocket, he clicks a button, numbers flash on a LED screeen.

The Controller
'A bomb? Of course not, nothing so melodratic, no, just a little something, lets say, to let us listen in to some of thier chit chat, purlion a little data perhaps, after all, it is the little memos about us, we are most interested in, aren't we?'
Well, I had better make a start with my work, if you will excuse me.'

The controller picks up the headset, and taps the microphone. Their voice changes to a sharp business like tone.

'Command Team A, are you hearing me? The Controller here.'


If done as an modern action film, this could be done with on-screen text, and go straight to teh controller at the desk.


there are booby traps - one of thecommando's gets a dart through their leg, at the very start, to show they are in real jerpardy. He stay, the other go on.


* The room could be achieved with CG.